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Accounting for better rest at night...

Ok, so it's that time of year again...

...and depending on how you did last year, you may or may not be excited.

See, the taxman is a lot like Santa.

Except, the real-world ramifications of what you did financially wrong or right are, well...

...heavier than the guy in the tight red suit.

While it isn't without recognition of value in the data-driven skillset, my heart leans to the creative and service side.

Ideation, vision, and soft skills in customer care and satisfaction is where I rest my strengths.

I trust my clients feel they can rest in those credentials too, I mean, isn't that the point?

So I've been considering where I put the full weight of my own trust.

Business, like today's market, has shown to be unpredictable.

Numbers don't lie but finding the truth on what is causing them matters.

Recognizing, and rewarding value for what it is worth is what the market should bear.

Underpaying and overpaying both seem equally deplorable.

We've seen just how ridiculous and overvalued business is when inflated.

Regardless, it's good to see where we stand in terms of numerical measures.

I only caution that this alone is not enough to bring peace at night when we drop to our pillow.

Rich and poor both have concerns that money can't fix.

It's also why we need each other.

Each of us has, and brings value to others, regardless of how that looks in the market.

It also makes me consider how what I do can allow others to rest better at night.

When I do that, I find I'm at perfect peace myself.

What is it that brings you peace in the chaos?

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