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Ant-repreneur 6.6

2021 has induced a little four-letter-word:


This reflects the lesson I most often measure myself against:

the discipline of the ant.

I wish I could say that I see a perfect reflection as I look at myself in the mirror of the scriptures...

...but that wouldn't be true.

More often than not, I have to pick myself up, dust off, and strive to keep going.

The ant leaves quite the example to follow.

And so do any leaders I find worth following.

As a copywriting student, hearing copy masters talk shop and faith gets me almost as excited as digging into the Word itself.

A good indication that I must be on the right path, and to keep going and getting out of bed every day to press ahead.

I can't even begin to adequately express the gratitude I have for learning in the shadow of men of God who have sought to be living examples of what it means to be a Kingdom Entrepreneur.

Joining a challenge, studying Proverbs daily, launching a website, developing and migrating content, staying on top of social media, looking for quality clients, and working on current writing for clients takes a lot of work!

I never would have thought this could be anything less than insanity, let alone enjoyable.

"Observe the Ant, lazybones! Consider her ways and become wise." Proverbs 6:6

This, I'm learning, is the life of the Ant-repreneur!

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