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Anti-Propaganda Machine


The sole tactic used to divide all populations in social experimentation.

This isn't a game.

Conspiracy isn't a theory when it is played out before our very eyes.

How long do we allow the parasites of modern media to control our thoughts?

It's called "programming" for a reason.

Truth is spoken and it is shadow-banned or wiped out completely on all social platforms.

Hope is spread but doesn't sell like fake news so it is not funded or supported.

I much prefer to feed my spirit with faith and press through another day.

Yet, thoughts are troublesome as people are segregated.

Tensions mount.

News is slanted to tell stories out of context.

Numbers are skewed to inaccurately represent population samples.

Masses refuse to think critically about information and diffuse misinformation.

Rights and freedoms are slowly denied and multitudes scream, calling for it to continue.

"And yet I show you a more excellent way."


Perfect love casts out all fear.


It unites us.

In the face of a separatist agenda, we can refuse hate.

Tolerance means we can disagree on something and still love one another.

Essentially, don't be a turd.

Better yet, know what's missing?

Random acts of loving-kindness.

What indiscriminate thing could you do today that would make someone smile?

Don't be afraid.

Be generous, even.

You might actually like it.

#LoveOneAnother #Peace

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