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Are you creating value or making a fuss?

A buttinsky is cheeky, and too often reeky:

never the quiet one, persistently squeaky!

If you find yourself a meddler, you better yet settle her;

should you have a kibitzer, focus will fix her.

Everything seems scrambled, so what's all this fuss about?

Much ado about nothing, I suppose.

Or not.

Seems to be the status quo these days, anyway.

With all this nonsense going on in our world, it's hard not to get caught up in it.

Thankful to be working on a few meaningful projects, it keeps me centered away from the spin of the media.

Or keeping my nose out of creating any more scribble to add to the mix either.

Idle hands often lead to foolishness, and none are exempt.

Should we not be creating something meaningful?

Otherwise,it is far too easy to sabotage even our own efforts to do good.

Wisdom cries out with an invitation to seek the Foundation of Creation while Truth may yet be found.

Instead of butting in on the events of a world bent on creating a stink, what if we aim our attention on something worthy?

What if we think on things that are true, align with justice, and speak on behalf of innocents?

May we be about celebrating what is beautiful, admirable, and displays of living excellence.

Let's each do our work with integrity and practice our individual craft in such a way that it brings about wonder.

We may fall short of such a lofty aim, but isn't it worth a try to bring a spotlight of hope to an oppressively dark place?

Put aside being a busy body and let's get busy building others up instead.

What can you do to add value to someone else today?

Shine your light!

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