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Are you even going in the right direction?

Community is important.

No denying that.

As humans, we need connection.

Whether an introvert who needs doses or an extrovert who needs douses.

What I will not advocate for is submission to fallacious teaching or training unfit for the traveler's journey.

If you're going to follow someone, they need to have been well beyond where you want to go.

They should at least know the terrain that they have led others through to success.

An athlete should train under someone who will help get them to much higher competitive ability.

As financial advisors should get you moving on the road to economic freedom, not just collecting commissions.

A sales mentor should have you pulling in business beyond their fee and the highwater mark of sales reached before.

Spiritual leaders should have vision taking you from where you are to guide you safely through to the next plateau.

Academics need the tutelage of accomplished professors and tutors who can speak intelligently to their journey through thinking.

All of the above, and yet we all need community to be led, grow together, and to lead those behind us.

I contend that the right community and connections can be for set periods of time.

In fact, it's healthy to grow beyond a mentor and community.

It's necessary, even.

Sometimes the journey will even be solo for a season.

Bonus: A sign that you should not follow the advice of someone is that you don't like where they are or where they're going.

You'll need to figure this one out yourself.

Once you know where you're going, the signposts almost align themselves.

This makes them ambiguous.

It's why when you ask, "How will I know?" that the answer may seem unclear.

Because "It depends".

Where do you want to go?

Only the right leaders will point you on your way to get there.

So, what are your goals?

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