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Are YOU Ready for what's coming?


We are well into our first month of the New Year according to the current world system.

We've left 2020 behind, but it looks like we've only picked up steam with the insanity that began a year ago.

May I offer an alternative perspective?

What if the madness follows a different timetable?

​​​​Following the lunar and Hebrew calendars, we entered a new celestial cycle at the end of March 2020.

Timetable line up with any other events you can think of last year?

I mean, other than Passover, an annual celebration that ran from Passover Eve on the 8th of April to the 15th.

Okay, so we've passed a new year and nothing has really changed.

While the world is caught up in the theatrics of the media (I know, it's hard not to get roped in), there's so much more at play for the rest of this lunar calendar.

The stage is being set for mid-April, with the 14th being the first day of a new year on the Hebrew calendar, marking the 1st of the month of Nisan.

The annual Passover Eve begins April 26th, with the full day on the 27th and Feast of Unleavened Bread through to Star Wars Day.

Now, I know the two stories don't seem to combine at first glance, but the epic struggle between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire paints the perfect picture of today's battle of good and evil.

May the 4th be with you as the Feast ends on this day.

Note: you're going to have to CHOOSE a side! Don't make me say, "I told you so."

The decision set before the Hebrews in Joshua 24:15 is the same one set before you now, "Choose TODAY who you will serve."

You can't serve the Empire and be part of the Rebellion.

Better to move in your chosen direction NOW, too.

If you can't decide now, what makes you think you'll make the right decision when forced under pressure?

Okay, back to the timeline.

Passover, which was celebrated by Yeshua, is based on a storyline found in Exodus, the second book of Torah.

And for all you namby-pamby Edomites who call yourselves believers and think the OT is only a thing of the past, consider that this Yeshua you claim to follow was never found separate from the observance of Torah.


Now, where was I?

The Exodus of the Hebrews from slavery was bookmarked by an angel of death descending as deep darkness on the land while people hid in their homes.

Starting to sound familiar?

Hiding. In. Their. Homes.


There were plagues of locusts and flies and severe storms leading up to this point, just like we've seen across the world in 2020 alone.

The Hebrew slaves were instructed to paint their doors with the blood of a lamb, which they would then cook and eat for dinner.

The angel would then 'pass over' their door without harming anyone.

While I won't suggest we do this exactly, I do believe we are being called back to the Ancient Path and we should be preparing our hearts.

I'm not even saying this is a shadow of the Exodus, but there are strong parallels and the timing is impeccable.

A new year is on the horizon (the real new year, not the one instituted by Gregory of Babylon) while plagues and storms hit continents worldwide, and the oppressive propaganda machine attempts to exert the total control of a rising world empire.

I'm watching the events from the lens of what is leading up to the next Passover.

Something is indeed coming and the signs are everywhere.

My only question for you is, will you be positioned to have it 'pass over' you by then?

However (and whenever) this whole mess blows over, I'm looking forward to getting back out and being active.

I don't, however, expect anything to go back to whatever we thought "normal" was before.

We've entered a new era.

I wonder if we are lost when we just get caught up in the busyness of life, despite draconian lockdown measures, rather than using the time to reflect and prepare.

While we watch the events of the Senate, I'm curious how many will see what is actually unfolding and are in transitions to pivot and adapt.

Are YOU ready?

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