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Are you SURE you're going crazy?

How is it that one is unable, or unwilling even, to differentiate between ideas and identity?

While we may identify with ideology, it need not always define who we are at the core.

There is a distinction between an idea and a person's actual being or existence.

One may hold so tightly to a life philosophy, they allow it to wrap them like a cloak and it is who they become.

Example: a person wrapped so intricately in a web of lies, it becomes integrated with their personhood.

To quickly set them free could mentally unravel them so completely that their thought life shatters and they come physiologically undone.

This is psychosis.

The mind comes apart from the body as what is initially meant to be an integrated system has then disintegrated.

One's beliefs come undone, destroying neural networks of pathways by firing them off so completely in rapid succession that they cannot reconnect to any logical sense or new network.

Here we see how one must unlearn certain things slowly or be forever lost.

In this place of incoherence most call 'crazy', they simply cannot readily string together any course of logic reasonable to the self.

Healing and repair are done through reflective work to reconcile neural networks, no matter how bizarre these new and advanced concepts may seem to others.

May it not be misconstrued though, one who is enlightened is in no way crazy.

Simply, the unlearned have not yet understood concepts advanced beyond their own realm of reason.

Skepticism aside, such is often the gateway to any real kind of learning.

To learn something new, one must often deconstruct the old foundations to create a model far more advanced.

Of course, one may build on the foundation had, but in cases of innovation, a complete restructure is required.

Now, we can either think for ourselves or allow media messages to shape the consistency of our thoughts.

To some, thinking outside of hive mentality appears crazy.

Crazy, to those who think about thinking, is blindly allowing others to do all the thinking.

Meta beta? Yes, this is a test.

Are you thinking your own thoughts or does the establishment do that for you?

Something to think about.

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