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Can You Tell the Future?

I may not tell you the future.

I'm even skeptical of most of those who say they can.

Though I know for certain there exists a gift to get a glimpse.

I have walked with those with whom this has been wildly accurate.

I've seen some things that have come to pass myself.

From time to time, when urgency required, I spoke various things before they happened.

This is not an 'all-knowing', but simply a glance.

At times, I've discerned hidden intentions and motives that were not meant for me to know.

What surprises me, in retrospect, is how I can't recall a time when these insights have been wrong.

Sadly, where I've gone amiss has been in doubting what I've seen, sensed, or plainly known without explanation for such knowledge.

Rightly so, doubting comes easily in a time when we are wired to respond with "Prove it!"

Yet, there is nothing to explain.

It's like asking someone to verify that they are, indeed, themselves.

If you know someone, identification is not a requirement.

You know who they are and how they operate.

Besides, ID can be manufactured.

What can't be manufactured is one's true identity.

In our age, it appears that many have lost this most important piece.

Plastic cards and tags can be replaced.

You, however, can't (no matter what some employer may say or do).

Finding our place, our purpose, and passion is a much more crucial matter.

The consequences of a life gone astray has many more implications.

The main one being the ability to envision or foresee what one desires to become.

There is a role one wishes to embody to fulfill inborn hopes to ultimately be truly fulfilled.

So it comes down to vision.

When you look at yourself, at your future, do you like what do you see?

Given the choice, is there anything you would change?

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