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Cash In on Compliments

People say a lot of things.

"I value you."

"I appreciate you."

"Your work is amazing."

But you can't run a business on compliments, nor can you pay your bills with words of affirmation.

I say this with the utmost sincerity.

As a copywriter, words are my specialty, and I absolutely love sincere words of appreciation.

Flattery, I'm not so much a fan of. It's typically insincere and self-seeking.

That's a topic for another time.

If I could pay the bills with endorsements alone, I wouldn't care about money at all.

A mentor once said it this way,

"As a gambling man, I put my bets where I think the wins will be...

...but the dealer never takes anyone seriously until the money is on the table."

This is true in both business and in life.

Your spending and investment habits are

evidence of what you really believe in.

If you value something, you show it.

Otherwise, be okay with being perceived as the window shopper.

You simply can't expect the attention paying customers get,...

... nor can the occasional consumer get the effects of a regular investor.

I've noticed that the people who have valued my talents have paid me to engage with them.

In some cases, they even saw the value I didn't see yet or know myself.

For these wonderful folks, I say:

"Thank you.

For your business.

Even more, for your friendship.

You live out what it means to value other people,...

... both for who they are intrinsically, and for their skillset.

God bless you."

And to the others, I issue my mentor's challenge,

"Put your money where your mouth is."

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