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Defeating Depression

In October 2020, it was my honor and a great privilege to share and pray on behalf of those who struggle with anxiety, depression, and suicide ideation.

In the Shadow of World Mental Health Day, I share how there is light, hope, and love.

While all that I do is infused with my faith, it is not often that I step out as boldly as this.

I was excited when my friend John Ramstead began this 40 Day Prayer Challenge, and grateful when asked to share on an issue I care so deeply about.

Mental health is becoming a more openly discussed topic, where once there was a stigma in admitting psychological and emotional traumas leading to a quiet and very lonely battle.

Left unchecked, these struggles can lead to suicide.

As a society, we have not done as well as we could have in addressing this, though we move in the right direction with World Mental Health Days.

In arenas of faith and church, these battles are often overlooked, sensationally spiritualized, or unnecessarily demonized.

The negative stigma of shame for struggling while having a real and vibrant faith needs to be a thing of the past.

Our faith plays an important and integral role, but not at the exclusion of other very important areas needed in winning the battles against depression and anxiety.

You are not alone on this journey.

The highs and lows of achievement and progress are perfectly normal.

And above all, you are loved.



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