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Dreamers & Doers

Some people will punish you for wanting more from your life.

Some will actively get in your way and say it is in your best interest.

Some will say it can't be done.

All these will either cheer when you fail or say they told you so.

Many of the above will then applaud you when you succeed and even try to ride with you as if they've been there all along.

Look then, instead, for the ones who believe in you.

I mean really, truly believe in you.

The ones who will reach you when you're down and encourage you to get back up and try again.

The ones who get in the mud with you and tell you your big dream is possible while you're still being crushed.

The ones who will sow financially into you because they know your crazy dreams have real potential.

And even if they don't believe in your dream on its own, they believe in you.

The ones who believe its worth saving something that is a fairy tale in their minds just to fuel your hope because that's what keeps you alive.

Those people.

Look for them.

Cherish them.

And be thankful for them if you already have them.

The world has enough people who have sold out on their dreams and are willing to crush yours because they've given up on themselves so long ago.

Come back for them later...

...but for now, build with the believers.

At least until the walls can not only shelter you from the hate, but later offer shelter to the other ones who need to heal from it too.

The ones who don't see it now, let them see it when it's built.

But don't let that stop YOU from building.

Build with the dreamers and doers.

Leave the rest for later, they'll see it when it materializes.

Dare to believe in the unseen.

Because everything you see today was once somebody else's dream.

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