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Enter the Vortex..

Reality requires neither your acknowledgment nor understanding.

In fact, you can live life in a web of lies.

Completely oblivious to what's going on around you.

Truth is not predicated on our agreement or knowledge of it.

It needs only to be true.

Heavy objects need only to be denser than the medium that surrounds them to descend.

No cosmic space force required.

Dense objects fall to the seafloor in water unless held by shape and air that makes it buoyant.

Same with balloons, shape and metered air make the weightless dense.

No bedtime stories about unseen forces of pull required.

These are laws.

Truth is a law.

Unlike laws that governments make up on a whim in order to keep you indoors or enforce some extreme measures on you, it doesn't stop being true when you look the other way.

Not even when you stare at it and will it to be different.

It doesn't require you to educate yourself to make it true either.

True education only reveals the truth to the seer.

Unlike false education or re-education, the level of "true-ness" remains the same regardless.

What truth have you been looking away from?

Chances are good that it can change you for the better.

Only accept it and put it to work for you.

Truth is, you can change.

The truth itself, will not.

Even if those in power ban it or legalize it as they see fit.

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