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If you see injustice, you can't wait for someone else to fix it.

There comes a time where you must stand up and get involved.

With so much wickedness rampant in the world, it can be overwhelming considering where to start.

Heck, it's hard enough at times to make things go right in our personal and business life.

Yet, while we still have freedom of speech, we must stand for those who have no voice.

And independence should not be so easily taken by the oppressor misleading those who know no better.

Governments (or any media, for that matter) exercising power over our will is NOT freedom.

This is NOT democracy.

Last I checked, there are no people fleeing our country to go to communist countries.

It's the other way around.

So why the hell does anyone want the socialist agenda here?

No, I will not stand by in favor of my right to choose being taken away while people lean to Marxist ideologies that never work.

People who FLED such countries find the support of such ideals absurd.

That should be a clue!

Our rights are openly being stripped of us and it blows my mind how many are saying, "More, more.."

Please, God, let us not stand down in the face of such tyranny and venomous lies.

I was born and raised in "the true North, Strong and Free."

Where we sing, "God keep our land, glorious and FREE."

"I stand on guard for thee."

And may this also be echoed by our American brothers and sisters in the midst of their struggle...

"O'er the land of the FREE and the home of the brave."

Withstand in this evil day, having done all you can to STAND.

Stand FIRM.

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