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We all face seasons of difficulty.

In our life, our relationships, in our health, and in business.

It takes a healthy perspective to celebrate others when they succeed, even as we struggle.

In business, it is a professional who is not threatened by another's skillset.

The pro celebrates the other and even looks for ways to amplify that talent.

Now, let's make this practical here.

If you need help in your business, perhaps you need to sow into someone who can do the job that you can't do.

Maybe you just don't have time for doing that job, but there's a business that has the time and needs the money.

This is not the season to hold back your efforts.

Investing in other local businesses, you support yours and stimulate the economy.

This is how the market works.

What are you sowing?

There is nothing more loving than giving people work that will serve both of you well.

This is also how relationships are built and sustained.

Are you a professional complainer and stingy business person, or do you really want to grow and help more people?

This is actually a very simple key.

WHO can you invest in today?

You might just be surprised how much you both need each other.

Do you have someone in mind?

What if something amazing happening is just waiting for you to make that move to work with them?

Encouragement is more than saying nice things like, "I like what you do, you're really good at that, now be warm and well-fed."

It's paying for a product or service that is worthy of exchange in value.

So step out, make a call, send a message.

Who can you start the conversation with and pay them for the good work they do?

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