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Got Fruit?

"Never respond to shade that comes from trees that don't bear fruit."


That one made me pause.

Those who are at least doing something are really not at the mercy of those doing nothing.

And the loudest ones can quite often be the ones with little else better to do.

Besides, the one on the stage is least likely to be the critic as they're actually working on their craft.

Real performers tend to see their own flaws and work meticulously to improve.

One rarely needs the discouragement of corrective words from an audience sitting on their assets.

Still, as sure as the sun will shine, shade will be cast.

To the brave, you are not planted by the fruitless tree, feel free to move.

Find an orchard where your fruit is celebrated.

Also, recognize that not all crops are meant to be the same.

The old idiom of comparing apples to oranges comes to mind.

And not every vine has the same season either.

A sapling is not expected the same as an older and mature tree.

So, by all means, set expectations for yourself.

Just make sure you're comparing to who you were yesterday if looking to improve.

And listen to those who are doing what you want to do, not the withering and whiny vine.

Go out and be the best version of you.

It's what you were created for.

And step out of the shade of opinions that cost nothing.

Go where the fruit grows.

You got this!

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