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Happy Where You Are?

A tractor is not needed in order to get traction.

But action IS.

That will look a little different for each of us.

The kind of momentum needed also depends on the outcome sought after.

Is the nature of the goal:

- spiritual (purpose/metaphysical)

- relational (family/friendships)

- physical (fitness/nutrition)

- financial (business/marketing)

No matter the aim, getting to the target will take some work.

Chances are there will be little to no effort put into it unless it's something truly desired.

What kind of traction are YOU looking for today?

If you really want it, there's already someone out there doing it.

How could you reach out to that person to find out how they made it?

Maybe it's reading their book or listening to podcasts.

Perhaps an email or phone call.

Even having them on your podcast to bring value to you, them, and your audience.

Whatever it is, movement in the right direction probably isn't as big or scary as you think.

Your dreams and desires are there for a reason.

Lean into it.

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