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How do YOU Survive the Quarantine?

Nine entrepreneurs and leaders spanning several cities, states, countries, and continents.

Brought together in the span of weeks to deliver a virtual response to one virus impacting us all.

The vital signs of our world economy may have been slowed but it has been far from stopped.

Solopreneurs and digital starters have responded in the face of fear with a fight to redeem the time.

In spite of the mass media's marketing machine, the mobile mission-driven will not be immobilized.

Hope is spreading more powerful than the pandemic through tribes of authors, speakers, readers and leaders.

Each with a message to transform in the face of diametric opposition from the ruling establishment.

We will NOT be shut down.

We will NOT be silent.

We may be at home, but we are far from paralyzed.

Through the tools of modern technology, knowledge is spread, books are born, companies are created.

Our response is on Amazon here at

The title went from censored and unapproved to approved at #1 on Amazon.

Ideas are given rise to new insights and industries merging in new ways through creative connection.

This voice will not be vilified or vanquished by corporate muscle, but unified in shared purpose.

The title of our new book may change and the content evolve, but the message remains the same:


WE will do more than survive, we will thrive!

And we will do it TOGETHER!

This has NOT weakened us.

This has only made us stronger!

Our new release is available now on Amazon.

This kindle book will continue to evolve as we do in the face of our current challenges.

The question is, will you grow with us?

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