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How to Become FEARLESS

Everyone wants to be fearless.

That is until there appears to be a perfectly good reason to cop out and scram.

But to be a giant slayer, one must face the titans.

Becoming the overcomer requires obstacles.

The champion must first have adversaries.

There is a requirement for insurmountable challenges to be forged a hero.

Triumph doesn't happen in a vacuum devoid of trial.

A victorious mindset doesn't just quote positive mantras, pretending everything is ok with the world.

That line of thinking is incongruent with reality.

Instead, a Warrior states, "I know there is a dragon, but I will face the serpent and SLAY it!"

What are you facing today?

Whatever your foe is, it was not placed there to defeat you.

It's purpose is your calling card to victory.

The question is, how will you answer Leviathan's call?

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