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It's a NEW DAY!

Today is a NEW day.

According to the ancient Hebrew calendar, today marks the 1st of Nisan, a NEW YEAR!

Do you sense that SHIFT in the atmosphere?

I do.

It's not enough to UNPLUG from the garbage propaganda of the modern media establishment...

...plugging IN to that which gives you life, growth, and health is much more conducive to moving forward.

Onward and upward.

Let's go!

The alternative?

STOP frolicking about with the easy path, it doesn't lead to fulfillment and it numbs the mind.

Regardless of calendar system, whatever you subscribe to, every day is a NEW opportunity to START over.

So, what's your focus today?

I'm working on copywriting with the best in the industry and banging out a couple of drum beats and guitar riffs in my spare time.

Drop me a note and tell me what you're working on!

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