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Under 20 years from Minority Report Not long enough for events of this sort

Sky shut down for thoughts of crime Only made so by police mob mime

Following the rule of corruption elite One man fights, but how to compete?

All must rally for freedom or die, Living as slaves, we must ask, “Why?”

Fighting for change, we can’t let go, The liberties we express right now as “NO”

Having the choice either for or opposed, If given to politics will then be disposed

How vile can Canadian government be When we no longer stand as the strong and the free?

True in the North as true in the South, Raise up our voices and open our mouth

We cannot stand by this political scheme, Wake from this nightmarish dystopian dream

Look to the charter, to follow this pact To continue in sovereignty, we simply must act

Curbing the wickedness by who we vote in, Then living in righteousness, free us from sin

Stand and be counted, regardless of creed Or bow to a governance devoted to greed

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