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NEW Deal.

We've all been dealt a hand in this last year.

Many of us would like a NEW deal.

NOT the "new normal", there's nothing normal about stringent, oppressive measures.

A REdeal, like 'Take it back and dribble again, Sam".

Indeed, that deal is done.

Faro fair, though, and shuffle over.

In fact, a whole new deck maybe?

Needless to say, we're hoping the dealer's grip will not be nearly as loose at next year's table.

And yet, there are no promises that the '21 deal will be any less stacked.

We don't know what opportunities will be stripped from the deck.

What I do know is this isn't the time to vanish.

Challenges may continue to come in spades, but we need to take heart and endure without folding.

Even if all we have are spot cards, what matters most now is how we

play the hand we're given.

Pass when you must, but hold steady.

We might just flourish and walk out of this game with finesse.

May the odds ever be in your favor.





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