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Out Come the Wolves



It keeps rearing its ugly head.

What's the only thing that will break the trepidation of stepping out into the unknown?

You got it.

Actually DOING it.

Most of the time, that inner response has nothing to do with any REAL danger.

The old self-preservation mode.

It more often hinders us than it helps.

Unless if there's an actual pack of wolves, going into a new situation isn't likely to be that terrible.

Except, of course, if you're anything like me.

Then you'll chase a wolf down just to catch some video.

But hey, I also like to swim with sharks.

Really though, what are you afraid of?

You might just be surprised to find that your fear is actually what will light you up inside.

Faith is on the other side of fear.

Even if you are in a place where you need to do what you have to do just to survive.

Go get it.

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