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Really?! UMMM...

Thoughts are Things

We live in a world of social media noise and distraction.

Have you found it more difficult to filter out any sense of real value lately?

Opinions are increasingly becoming more polarized on a majority of fronts.

How do you rifle through the racket?

Here's a few things I've done that I found helpful :

- unplug

- unsubscribe

- mute

- minimize

Yep, the acronym is "uumm.."

What's that!?

Uumm, well..

..while I'm a total advocate for remaining open minded, I'm also whitelisting peace over peer persuasion.


Because at the end of the day, it's up to us to choose the type of life we want to live.

And this begins with our thought life.

Conscious and subconscious.

So it serves us to guard our thoughts.

Even more advocated in the land of internal/external adverts is the ability to cast down vain imaginations that don't serve us well.

If someone/thing willingly works against the best for your life, why in blue blazes do you want them renting space in your head?

"get the heck outta here.."

Every opinion that exalts itself against the Knowledge of the Truth must be taken captive to maintain a sound mind.

These days it seems a daily duel just to keep the peace.

Well worth the work though.

Have you thought about what you're thinking about?

Is it intentional?

If it's not, what needs to happen to change that?


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