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Remote Work - how many REALLY working though? :p

While it's exciting to launch a book, it's almost laughable...

... to watch even a book get quarantined!

Bezos' bozos, AI bot rodeos

Feared another Frodo,

with Misty Mountain Mojo;

So the book was a 'no-go',

but instead of a no-show,

flipped a cover like a dojo

and now they can't say no.

Ya know?

Let me translate that into plain English for you:

The original cover caused our book to be censored because an AI bot couldn't distinguish between title and content.

So we watered it down a little.

Too bad, I liked the original.

The title went from censored and unapproved to approved at #1 on Amazon.

On Amazon here at

We actually got this out there to help as many people as possible who wouldn't otherwise be comfortable with the Zoom platform.

How did YOU survive the quarantine with the use of virtual connection?

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