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Rest & Recharge!

Life can happen at a rapid pace.

If it's not going in the desired direction, this can be highly discouraging.

The last thing to do when wandering wayward is to speed up.

In these cases, sometimes what is best to do is simply rest and replenish.

Get some deep rest!

Reassess the situation with renewed energy.

Otherwise, this can be the fast track to depression.

The downhill decline is swift and the road out appears all uphill.

Not impossible, but better to steer away from that than try to change direction afterward.

Turn off the noise and shut out the distractions when you need to.

Nobody says you have to wait for the weekend or some other perfect time.

Self-care is a priority at ANY time.

Doing the inner work sooner leaves room for rapid recovery.

Downtime is a tool to combat the demons of depression.

Sleep is a shelter and rest is a weapon.

Get going when you can but don't feel guilty for getting what you need.

The road to healing is much closer than you may think.

Just feel free to breathe along the way.

Refresh the mind, body, and soul.

What do you do to rejuvenate?

What refreshes you?

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