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Success is a Journey

It's been a decade since I was first exposed to copywriting.

The first time was at the JV Alert Summit in Orlando, FL. in 2011.

This was the "who's who" of internet marketing, SEO, joint ventures, and more.

It was here that I heard the genius of a legendary wordsmith speak to the audience and then had the opportunity to sit with him and a business mentor for lunch afterward.

What impacted me most about this Cicerone of Copy was how he shared his faith so openly from the stage.

As a master of the craft, he skillfully weaved his personal values and professional vocation into one.

In retrospect, this ties to the matter that business is indeed a deeply personal matter.

Business and personal life are intertwined as each is an expression of who we are.

Neither can I separate who I am as a writer from the craft of speaking and performing (spoken word and musicianship included).

It's hard to believe how many events just like this that I've attended since.

These experiences have been the lifeblood of both my personal development and entrepreneurial growth.

Any kind of real improvement requires intentional investment.

Remember that success is a journey, not a destination.

Are you investing all of who you are into your life work?

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