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Take a STAND!

Think of that fly that gets in your house.

It buzzes by you.

So small.

So annoying!

You want to SMASH it but can't find it.

It leaves an impact on you.

Distracts you from your work.

You spend 20 minutes looking for it before getting back to your desk.

Days go by.

You're making coffee in the kitchen and..


If you're like me, you're probably swearing at this point.

ƒ¿©€1¥ fly!

At some point though, it makes a grave mistake.

It lands in your line of sight.

And by now, you're done with the disturbance.

Does the fly live on?..

The story for another day.

Remember this feeling when you don't think the little things make a difference.

Stand up against totalitarianism, injustice, and oppression.

Stand up for what is right.

It's easy to think we can't make a dent in the wrong things that are being done in this world.

Even I needed to review this thinking today, as I chose to write a letter in hopes that it will initiate some form of change.

What are you standing up for today?

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