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The Legend of Copy

Legend has it that one can be turned back to the light after having been seduced and drawn to the depths of the dark side.

In the midst of the struggle to choose, though, it is imperative to be positioned on the high ground.

Even the most advanced have fallen prey to pride in thinking that positioning is of no consequence due to advanced skill and experience with the force.

There are times to keep your position and other times to reach out and take a hand when help is offered.

Are you on the high ground or in need of a hand to get up and running?

What's your position, how copy?

"There's always a bit of truth in legends.."

- Ahsoka Tano, Rebels S2E21 - Twilight of the Apprentice

If you need some crisp, clear, concise messaging,

*ɢᴏ ᴛᴏ ->

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