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The Lonely Entrepreneur Journey

The entrepreneurial journey is riddled with challenges:

- Loneliness.

- Anxiety.

- Depression.

- Sleepless nights.

Put too many hours in, you're a workaholic.

Take time during the day to relieve mental stressors with physical activities and you're asked if you ever work.

Seasons of struggle just to make ends meet and you're still perceived as the 'rich' solopreneur.

The masks you're expected to wear when you're going through the storm cause anxiety living up to the hype.

Then depression sets in as you're ruffled with self-doubt, despite the track record of successes.

If this isn't handled, it leads into a spiral of sleepless nights and a broken schedule that returns to repeat more of the same.

Then it compounds.

Yes, this comes from experience.

If you're a business owner, you know.

You understand tackling and taking risks that you feel you have to face alone.

That's the thing though, you DON'T have to go it solo.

And the good news?

You're NOT alone.

If you relate at all to any of this, there's someone to talk to.

Just reach out.

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