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Timing is Everything!

God's time is not our time.

And hearing someone say that is often the most frustrating and infuriating thing.


It seems to belittle our afflictions rather than bring comfort.

But do our expectations hold like a heavy weight on such a tiny thread of hope?

We get upset when things don't turn out in our timing or exactly as we anticipated.

When we're still in the middle of our pain, it might be a little harder to see how things are working for our good.

If we're honest though, as we look back, there has been a divine cadence to the timing.

We get what we need, not always what we wanted, and usually when we truly need it.

Though it feels like it, this trial will not last forever.

There is a heavenly timeline that bears more weight than our own ever could.

Keep holding on.

Breakthrough is coming!

And believe me, I need this as much as you do!

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