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Waiting for Spring?

"A warm wind is sweeping by,

the sun's full in the sky...

and there's no way of knowing,

No way to know,

know how long it will last.."

Lyrics, First Day of Spring

~ The Gandharvas

It was a Friday night in high school when I hitchhiked with my friend Kevin to a concert in Almonte.

Small town boys going to a smaller town to hear a band.

After the gig, I asked if I could try Eric's (Gandharvas bass player at the time) bass and he said "Sure, man".

As a bass player, this was the coolest thing EVER.

This would never happen today with the fear of the virus.

Heck, the concert wouldn't even happen.

Wait, would anybody hitchhike to a concert these days?

With no idea how long this lockdown will last, we are all waiting in hope for the next season like one awaits Spring after a long and bitter Winter.

I am certainly thinking of simpler times.

We used to hitchhike and get into stranger's cars to go places without Uber as accountability.

Things are sure different now, but we still have many beautiful memories yet to be made.

What's one of your favorite Spring memories?

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