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We need REAL, human connection!

Even introverts need an 'in-person' connection.

We thirst for human contact.

As much as digital platforms offer conversation, it doesn't translate the same.

In fact, being on devices for longer hours often creates an emotional drain rather than a surplus.

Literally part of the team of authors that wrote the book on zoom use in lockdown, I think we could now add a chapter:

Zooming OUT, When You Need to Walk Away from the Screen.

Let's face it, sometimes less is more.

And now we are facing another winter on the horizon and a return of government-imposed interpersonal deprivation.

Real face time as it sits is being further restricted in the near future.

While I wish this weren't the case, I'm not shocked by governmental stupidity any longer.

As an advocate for getting outside while weather permits and it's still relatively 'open', I highly recommend stepping outside for some fresh (and probably cold, at the moment) air.

Be wise, but let's go.

Zoom OUT.

For the sake of physical and mental health.

I think you'll be glad you did.

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