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Welcome to Dystopia

Could this be the times, as we step ahead,

that we thought were just rhymes, instead;

when all humankind

would wish to rewind,

will we find it was truth in its stead?

It's enchanting being a creative.

Whether in songs, music, and lyrics or words and images in a story on a page.

Especially at this time.

To combat drudgery or worst-case scenarios, the mind travels to wild places.

Stories are often born out of difficulty.

Jack, slaying giants found in the heavens between humankind and the firmament above.

Terminator, traveling from 2029 to 1984 to destroy a boy who will rise and lead a fight against Skynet's AI nuclear initiative to wipe out humanity.

Eli, a post-apocalyptic warrior marching across a wasted landscape on a mission to save humankind by preserving the coveted last remaining copy of a sacred text.

Ian, the seer, who everyone mistakenly thinks is negative from excess alcoholism due to his continual discourse on a coming society ruled by martial law and filled with great injustice.

Whatever the narrative, we turn to the power of such chronicles for many reasons:

- guidance

- escape

- entertainment

- information

- hope

What's your favorite story?

What recent story has caught YOUR attention and why?

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