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What gets you through?

How do you start out every morning when you wake up?

Chances are pretty good that this is getting COMPLETELY scrambled right now.

Yes, like eggs.

Maybe breakfast is your first go to.

And then coffee shop?

Or the scent of coffee draws you immediately to the kitchen, no need to venture out just yet.

Some are up and active while others still dreaming.

The annoying buzzing of the alarm after pressing snooze several times?

For others, no two days feel completely the same.

So with the gym out of the picture, the basement workout is just nowhere near as appealing.

Yes, I am guilty of the snooze.

I flip through my phone (that's where the alarm is after all) where I see all the other alarming things across media platforms.

Then I turn to a posture of petition and prayer, by far the most important part of each day.

Reading and meditation align my heart and mind with my God.

I'm not sure how anyone endures life's struggles without a sense of hope or faith in something beyond themselves.

I'm convinced this is why I'm even alive at times.

Yes, this is my conviction.

My 1st frame of reference for everything else either falls in line or falls apart after.

Who do you turn to in uncertainty?

Even with faith, I admit to having to conquer my own fears.

What gets you through?


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