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What's NEXT!?

Have you ever had a ridiculously strange conversation?

You know, the ones you want to end, but you keep going cause you're really curious?

It's kinda like a choose your own adventure so you say random things just to turn the page.

And somehow there's an unexpected twist and it just gets more bizarre.

Yeah, that was 2020, right?

Me too.

I suspect 2021 will only be the next novel in this outlandish series.

Skip that, January will probably have plot twists of its own.

Is anybody else taking bets and keeping score on what strange event will happen next?

Well, whatever ride we end up on in the coming weeks, I hope we can kick back and at least enjoy some of it.

If nothing else, it's been a real page-turner.

Now let's see what our fearless leadership has to say today..


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