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What's Stopping You?

What are you looking for?

4 reason why most people never successfully achieve their goals:

- it takes work

- it takes time

- it's not easy

- there are obstacles

When planning to achieve something, it's best to work backward from the goal.

What is it you want?

Is that actually what you want?

If it could be anything, what do you really want?

Here, we begin to see that clarifying the goal is the primary obstacle.

Sometimes we think we want something when it'll simply impress or make others happy.

What we need to dig deep on is finding what it is that we truly desire most.

And in this social media age, there are multitudes of distractions to get us off target.

Getting clear isn't easy.

It takes work and it takes time.

This is only step one.

Once we're clear, then the work towards the real prize can begin.

Obstacles may be in the way, but we can see through them to the fruit we're after.

Are you clear on what you want?

If so, what's stopping you?

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