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Who brings out the BEST in YOU?

Deep work.

The stuff behind the scenes that it seems nobody sees.

Sometimes it's just life struggles.

Perhaps it's working through the emotional baggage that's been built up from years of neglect.

Other times, it's the silent chipping away at life development.

Here's what it can look like:

- doubling down on work for financial advancement

- taking a course to gain a new skill

- putting in practice to sharpen an old skill

- intentional focus on health with meal plan, prep, and exercise times

- investing time in key relationship-building to be transparent and accelerate growth

Whatever it looks like to you, often the foundational work will never be seen by most.

Remember, some of the best pictures come out of the darkroom.

Just don't think you have to do all the developing work alone.

I'm most grateful for the relationships where we intentionally impart life to one another and call each other higher.

What's something you've been chipping away at behind the scenes?

And who do you have that brings out the best in you?

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