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Will YOU Join the Dark Side?

This is the time of year for visions and new dreams.

A fresh year brings a new season.

For some, the mystery of the year ahead brings a hint of enchantment.

If only you could see behind the shroud, there is most certainly magic in the midst.

I must warn you, a deadly dose is for deception, with but a portion for enlightenment.

And though the darkness of shrinking beneath one's call beckons, the choice for light and truth always belongs to the one who must decide.

Will the thrill of a new list of goals satisfy the hopes of a fulfilled life?

Temporarily, perhaps.

Writing the vision down is but the beginning of the path.

There's an awe to the role and a chill to the improved ideal.

There exists a faith greater than the arts of alchemy in the science of achievement.

Such Power lives to transform, to ascend to one's divine purpose.

Through the veiled enigma of mystical times ahead, to weather the storms and seasons of even greater mysteries.

Beyond suiting up and becoming uniform in the workforce to becoming a protagonist and hero as a force for good in the halls of history.

Answering the call of Potential, if one can simply make oneself believe.

Nothing is impossible to the one who has confidence in the conceivably achievable.

All things are possible with Theos.

"Whether you think you can, or think you can't - you're right." - Henry Ford

What do YOU make-believe?

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...will you choose to shrink beneath your potential and join the dark side, or follow truth and light on the path of purpose?

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